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Rack Strap and Ladder Lock for Securing Cargo

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Rack-Strap pays for itself every time material is loaded or unloaded.  It takes only seconds to secure the load.  Simply wrap the polyester strap around the bundle, hook the strap in place, and use the built-in ratchet to apply the desired tension for a secure overhead load.

The Rack-Strap Ladder Lock is the ultimate theft deterrent system for your ladders.  It provides the peace of mind you might be looking for at an affordable price.

Rack Strap Mounting Adapter and RS-1 for Crossbar-Only Van Racks, Model RS-5
$69.00 $52.00 On Sale!
Mounting Adapter and RS-1 for Crossbar-only Van Racks
Rack-Strap Right Angle Mounting for Square Tubing, Model RS-1
$55.87 $49.00 On Sale!
Right Angle Mounting Bracket for Square Tubing
Rack-Strap Round Mounting for 2" O.D. Pipe, Model RS-3
$55.87 $49.00 On Sale!
Round Mounting Bracket for 2" O.D. Pipe
Rack Strap Round Mounting for 1 1/4" O.D. Pipe, Model RS-7
Round Mounting Bracket for 1 1/4" O.D. Pipe
Rack Strap Replacement Strap Kit, Model RS-10
Replacement Part
Rack Strap Replacement Knob, Model RS-11
Replacement knob kit fits all Rack-Strap units
Rack Strap Replacement Tightening Rod, Model RS-12
Replacement Part